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Bits of History in Fulton, MO

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Highlights:    (Subject to change)
- Tour The Winston Churchill Memorial & Library
- Lunch at Westminster College
- Shopping at Crane’s Country Store
- Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation

Departure Points:
Kirkwood: Depart  8:30 AM, Return 6:00 PM
Washington: Depart 9:45 AM, Return 5:15 PM

We start the tour with a generous and delicious lunch buffet at Westminster College, in Fulton, MO. Next, we will visit the 12th Century church, redesigned by Christopher Wren in 1677, and left in ruins by a German bomb during WW II. Rebuilt on the campus of Westminster College in Fulton, MO, it serves as a reminder of Winston Churchill's visit to the college and his prophetic "Iron Curtain" speech there. Under the church, we will visit the museum, which today is filled with a priceless treasury of artifacts and information relating to the life and times of Sir Winston Churchill. We will also view the sculpture celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, created from eight massive sections of the actual Berlin Wall.  Then we will enjoy an amazing visit to Crane's Country Store at Williamsburg, MO. Joe Crane collected myriad antiques over the years...from hog rollers to Baccarat crystal champagne glasses. What an entertaining collection. Perhaps treat yourself to cobbler/ice cream, before departing for home.

Tour Cost:  $87.00 per person

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