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Jeanne Robertson

Friday, October 12, 2018

- Jeanne Robertson Show at the
   Family Arena in St. Charles, MO
- Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation

- Mid-American Coaches, Washington: Depart 4:45 PM / Return 9:30 PM
- Wal-Mart, Kirkwood: Depart 5:45 PM / Return 8:45 PM

  The Rocking Chair Tour 2018 -  At 74 years young and known as the “Grandma Gone Viral!”, Jeanne Robertson continues to charm audiences with her humorous observations about life around her.
 What is the secret to earning millions of YouTube views? It’s part adventurous spirit and part unique personal style. And while Jeanne Robertson does possess all of these qualities, the one that fans admire her for the most is the way she takes personal stories from her every day life and turns them into hours of non-stop laughter.
 With over 47 million YouTube views, Jeanne’s top hits include stories about: the calamity of sending a man to the grocery store, going to Vegas with a Baptist, and bungee jumping naked. If you’ve heard any of Jeanne’s stories, you may recognize some of these familiar characters: her husband Jerry (a.k.a. “Left Brain”), her “bestest” friend Norma Rose, her son Beaver, and Administrative Assistant extraordinaire Toni. Whether it’s on YouTube, Sirius/XM Radio, or one of her live shows throughout the country, fans love Jeanne’s gift for finding humor in every day life.
Jeanne is the top-selling humorist with DVD hits such as Looking for Humor, Just for Fun, and Southern Style. Her career on the national speaking circuit has earned her the top award in professional speaking, The Cavett Award, and the Toastmasters International’s Golden Gavel Award. She is also a member of the speaker’s Hall of Fame, and the National Speaker’s Association honored Jeanne with it’s 2012 Master of Influence Award.
 Food will be available for purchase at the Family Arena.  

Tour Cost:
$95.00 Per Person

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